Freddie Gibbs – “Real” (Jeezy Diss)

03.12.14 4 years ago 8 Comments


Misguided opinion says Freddie Gibbs has released a Jeezy diss track by now.

After all, it was a little over a year ago that the Gary, Ind., emcee and his former label split, so plenty of opportune time for Gibbs to let it all out on wax, right? Well nah, not quite. Freddie just leaked “Real” off his and Madlib’s upcoming Piñata LP, and this is the Jeezy diss track listeners have been waiting on/can’t believe hadn’t released yet.

It’s slightly more venomous than what Gibbs has let on in interviews, but no less effective–or specific. In between saying, “you want to be Jay Z, nah, you just a f*ckin’ puppet” and addressing Jeezy to “take them shades up off your eyes and look me in my f*ckin’ face,” Gibbs still doesn’t give details about what specifically happened to deaden his and the Snowman’s deal.

Dah well. Maybe it was just a breaking point reached over a series of separate incidents. But Gibbs is still doing him, and it sounds like Madlib’s given him the right stylistically diverse palette to bark over.

Piñata drops March 18 via Madlib Invasion.

Correction: Pinata will be released via Madlib Invasion, not Stones Throw as originally stated.

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