Will Fredo Santana Appear On Drake’s ‘NWTS’? #3Hunna

Life Writer
09.10.13 24 Comments

The passive aggressive beef between Kanye and Drake is back on. Just like Kanye had God on his album, the only person scarier than Satan himself might be appearing on Drake’s album in the form of a Fredo Santana feature.

The e-streets are abuzz over a possible Fredo feature after Heartbreak Drake uploaded the above flick on his Instagram over the weekend of the Glory Boy wearing a “Nothing Was The Same” sweater. Yeah, just like that.

Shortly after, Fredo’s followers took to Twitter to rejoice in the potential collaboration. The Chiraq artist, who just launched Savage Squad Records (best label name ever?), didn’t confirm the feature but he did do a bunch of retweets. And according to my Twitter For Dummies handbook, a retweet = confirmation.

Granted, Fredo’s name isn’t anywhere on the NWTS track list but perhaps he’ll appear on an iTunes bonus track. Or maybe he’s not on the album at all. Maybe he’s just wearing a NWTS sweater for the f*ck of it. Whatever. I hate rumors.

The new classic drops in exactly two weeks.

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