Fredo Santana Ft. Kendrick Lamar – “Jealous”

10.31.13 4 years ago 23 Comments


If I would have told you a week ago that Kendrick Lamar and Fredo Santana would’ve put out a better song than Kendrick Lamar and Eminem did, would you believe me?

Well, here we are. Kendrick and Fredo have themselves an anthem and, more importantly, K. Dot is still emptying clips whenever he feels like it. Is it me, or is he sending more shots at Drake with “I can drown in my sorrows but I ain’t no sorry ass n*gga?” Maybe it’s just me. Yeah, I’m making that up. Anyway, the object here isn’t who had the better verse because Fredo doesn’t stand a chance, but the two have a nice chemistry and the song is bananas.

So yeah, I’ll just pretend this is only Kendrick Lamar collaboration I’ve heard all week and go on my merry little way.

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