09.29.08 9 years ago 13 Comments

Looks like Peedi Peedi is about to take a federally-induced vacation.

Found in the inbox…

Bad news bears. Our man Peedi Crakk was locked up on Thursday, September 25th 2008, and is in holding for one month before his “foreal sentencing” in Pennsylvania State Prison. He is apparently facing a prior.. something related to a gun charge. No specific details have been submitted to me as of yet.. I am only recollecting what P told me while we were in lampin’ in Miami, FL last month.

We are all very upset and have decided to launch the “FREE CRAKK” Campaign for my man.

You might start seeing A Lot of new stencils around NYC promoting Peedi’s rights & freedom from federal prison: “FREE CRAKK”.

As a grown ass man, I will not partake in the wearing of any “FREE CRAKK” shirts for fear of A.) embarrassing my kids B.) becoming the victim of unwelcomed police scrutiny myself and C.) ending up being propositioned for male prostitution.

But since I do fuck with Peedi pause, I figure that at least posting this funny ditty dedicated to Shawn, entitled “Sweet Dreams,” was the least I could do. Video directed by Nick F. & Minka. Words & singalong provided by MUSHI.

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