‘Freeway’ Rick Ross Got Arrested For Stuff Rick Ross Raps About

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10.26.15 10 Comments
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“Freeway” Ricky Ross is infamous for his drug dealing exploits in the ’90s and, from the looks of it, he very well could be back to his old tricks. According to the Los Angeles Times, Ross was arrested in Sonoma County in Southern California for “suspicion of possessing money related to the sale of a controlled substance” and “suspicion of conspiring to commit a crime” last week. A police source reportedly told the Times that Ross had $100K in cash on him and the money was said to be “related to the sale of a controlled substance.” Further details regarding his arrest due to an ongoing investigation but Ross is no longer in custody, according to a search of jail records.

Even with his past, the allegations are unexpected for the former drug kingpin. Since his 2009 release, the 55-year-old, born Ricky Donnell Ross, has stayed clear of illegal business. He’s a published author and has spent time speaking to young people across the nation about his experiences with the drug game, prison and more in an effort to discourage them from following in his footsteps. He’s also spent a good deal of time in court trying to wrestle his good name back from Rick Ross, the rapper, a legal battle he ultimately lost.

(Via Los Angeles Times, H/T Hip-Hop Wired)

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