French Montana Feat. Curren$y – “So High”

05.13.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

The past few days have been hell for me. Not really “hell” per se, but I’ve been unable to update myself with new music due to finals here at Georgetown. Regardless, Gotty™ forwarded this to my inbox the other day and I made it a point to spin it. Why? Honestly, because Spitta was featured. French is okay in spurts, but not someone I’ve ever been willing to bet the house on as it relates to listening experiences.

That said, this is good music. It’s NO DJ, too. The vibe of the song leads you to believe it would have been a great addition for any 4:20 play list. Get lost in the relaxing instrumental while Spitta’s verse is journey through his mind on a day-to-day basis: ice cream sandwiches, an ounce of kush, club stops and sex. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than that. Even French does his thing. He doesn’t do much to add to the record, nor does he take away from its feel. It’s like how a coach tells a backup or rookie quarterback, “You don’t have to win the game for us, just don’t lose it.”

Hopefully the rest of Mac & Cheese 2 sounds like this. Keyword: hopefully.


Download — French Montana Feat. Curren$y – “So High”

Respect: DGB

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