French Montana, Fabolous & Wale’s “R&B Chicks” Probably Seems Like A Good Idea

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07.10.14 21 Comments

French Montana R&B Chicks

The best laid plans of mice and men, yo. On paper, a collaboration with French Montana, Fabolous and Wale titled “R&B Chicks” seems like a plan for success. Yet, it goes off the rails quick…mostly because French leads things out with his LCD raps. Actually, the cover art’s the first clue since one of these things just isn’t like the others.

Usually, a platform like this works for Fab and he does okay. A little stale but, hey, Fab’s not getting any younger so his better days may be behind him. Although they shouldn’t. Technically, he only releases a new album roughly every two to four years so he should have rhymes in reserve I’d think. Maybe he’s saving the big guns for Loso’s Way 2.

The same would normally for Wale, too, since he’s second only to Drake when it comes to cuts dedicated to college-girls-stripping-trying-to-make-a-living-I-see-your-struggle songs. You know, these chick cuts are his thing. Maybe there’s early evidence of all that changing he was referencing the other day, but he drops the ball by mumbling his way through as if his heart and mind aren’t into “R&B Chicks” with lines like the one referencing Mary J. Blige: “I’m young enough to be your son, but what’s the 411?”

MJB is 43. Wale’s 29.

Still, it all comes down to French. The more I listen to him, the more I realize that he just can’t rap. I don’t care who his friends are, what affiliations he has or how nice of a guy he is. None of that matters when it comes to getting on a beat and putting in work. When he’s a feature or contained to duties on the hook, he can hide his inadequacies. But to ask him to lead the charge here has to be the worst decision in hindsight. No amount of Auto-Tune can disguise those shit sandwiches he’s calling rhymes.

Again, “R&B Chicks” probably seemed like a good idea on paper.

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