While You Were Sleeping, French Montana, Chinx Drugz And Jadakiss Reportedly Got Arrested In NYC Last Night

02.01.14 4 years ago 8 Comments

French Montana Arrested

Hip-Hop cops giving rappers the blues? Sure seems like it.

With New York City playing host to the Super Bowl, the city’s been in full-on party mode with artists making sure to be out on the scene enjoying the festivities. And if rappers are out flossing in full effect in NYC that means the Hip-Hop cops are out, too. Since the two entities don’t readily mix, things are bound to go awry and they did on Friday night, ending up with French Montana, Chinx Drugz and Jadakiss all reportedly being arrested.

Details are still sketchy but word on the tweets would tell us that Coke Boyz French Montana and Chinx Drugz were part of an event an BB Kings and Jadakiss was at a different party location in Brooklyn. Whether they actually made it to their planned destinations, why they were arrested, etc. remains murky but Miss Info points the finger at the po-po for disrupting the evening and giving these boys the blues.

As of Saturday morning, it sounds like all three artists were still locked up so we’ll see how things develop. If any of you New Yorkers have tips or accounts of what happened, care to share?

Since we’re here, we’ll toss in a clip of French and Rick Ross making an on-air appearance with TV personality Jerry Springer. We’ll just assume the segment was filmed before Frenchie got popped. Also, watch Chinx’s video for “Feelings,” featuring Mr. Montana and taken from the former’s I’ll Take It From Here EP.

Photo: Twitter

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