Proper Strip Club Etiquette, As Told By French Montana

05.22.13 5 years ago 9 Comments

With Excuse My French now in stores, French Montana’s media blitz is well underway. One of the more enjoyable interviews he’s been apart of, however, has been with the good folks at BroBible.

From finding prime real estate – preferably the back in the event some XXX shenanigans pop off – to why making it rain to your favorite song is both important and stupid and the most he’s ever spent in one sitting, French covers it all. Yet, it’s his story of a young lady, a blunt and how she smoked it without using her lips (the ones on her face, that is) which instantly triggered memories.

I, too, have witnessed this feat. It happened about three years ago at a hole-in-the-wall strip club in South Carolina. Needless to say, none of the guys who were initially smoking the blunt finished, but that’s beside the point. To this day it remains the single most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in the confines of a strip club. And yes, she was compensated handsomely for those wondering.

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