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Here’s your Monday morning e-hip-hop news roundup…

Beans & Free recently, spoke on their unhappiness with Def Jam to Whoo Kid. To which, reader Vdot responded by sending me this email…

I’m sure you’ve heard about Free & Beans complaining about lack of promotion and blah blah blah. Regardless if these niggas had 5 billboards in every major city & small town in the US, they still wouldn’t have sold anything. People like them belong on indie labels. They are not superstars. They’re not MSG status or Nokia Theatre status or even Highline Ballroom status. They’re BB Kings Bar & Grill status.

Plus, I check out Ticketmaster everyday and I’ve never seen anything about Freeway & Beans doing shows. Niggas need a Youtube channel & myspace account and keep it moving. Both of them look like they don’t even have an email address.

Beanie Sigel Interview with Whoo Kid

Beanie Sigel Interview with Whoo Kid Pt. 2

Freeway Interview with Whoo Kid

Added bonus is a recent Peedi Peedi free where he takes a few shots @ Hova.

Peedi Peedi – Roc Boys Freestyle

Dr. Dre has partnered up with Jimmy Iovine & Monster to release some heaphones.

“Beats by Dr. Dre” headphones will come in a carrying case with anti-microbial cleaning cloths, a special Monster headphone cable, a mini-stereo to ¼-inch stereo cable adapter, as well as Monster’s iSonitalk, a microphone/headphone adapter for iPhones. Beats will be available in spring 2008 for a suggested retail price of $399.95.

Thanks but my lil earbuds that came with my iPod work fine & are so much cooler & easily recognizable. And no where in the article was Detox mentioned. Note to Dre – We don’t want to hear shit about new endeavors, artists or projects until we hear the words “Detox will be in stores __________ (enter cemented date here).”

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine Launch State-of-the-Art Headphones [HHNLive]

Rik Cordero sits down with illRoots for an interview.

“Are you in those shoes yet?”

Killa BH Interview @ AllHipHop.

Got Shirts?! Got Stickers?!

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