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10.09.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

Likwit Rhymer.

I was driving down I-75 yesterday, when I saw a billboard informing folks that Pimp My Ride was getting resonated into the form of syndication. Not one for the boob tube, my immediate thought was really, ‘Hey, what the f*ck happened to Xzibit?’

If I recall, Mister X-to-the-Z might have had a few mishaps along the way.

Whether they achieved commercial success or not, his last couple albums were duds. His beat selection has slipped more than an 90-year-old Alaskan. More so than anything though, his short frame seemingly got a big ego once he went Hollywood and got his own MTV show (I Want To Believe…that Xzibit didn’t actually appear in the newest X-Files movie).

Still, last time I checked, the man who had his own Up In Smoke showcase…in the middle of Dre and Snoop’s, had more clout than 80% of the game.

To his credit, Xzibit has got one near-classic album, executive produced by the Doc himself (Restless). He holds the rights to maybe the most visually appealing music video ever made (“What U See Is What U Get“). He’s got tracks with some of the most respected names to ever do it (KRS, Sermon, Dre, Em, Snoop, Ras, Quik, Meth, Busta, $hort, etc). Plus, aside from having more talent lyrically than these current Lil’ and Big rap superstars; he’s got more genuine personality than most of them put together.

So, when there’s constant B-movie money to be made and you’ve put out an album every two years since 1996, I suppose some time off from the game is inevitable.

X, if you’re reading this, get your easy-bake-oven bread. Stay off the road and spend some time with the fam. We understand.

In the meantime, we’ll be waiting patiently for the comeback we all know you’re capable of.

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Jim Jones – Day N Nite

Statik Selektah Feat. Glasses Malone, Mistah F.A.B. & Novel – Cali Nights

Wordsmith – Park & Ride

Ruste Juxx Feat. Lil Vic – Get Up

Sophia Fresh Feat. Kanye West – What It Is

Wais P The Pimp Feat. Devin The Dude – The Pussy Is Yours

Rick Ross – Arab Money (Freestyle)

Evidence – The Layover

Beyonce- If I Were A Boy


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