Watch This Little Boy Lose It When His Mom Reveals She’s Pregnant

08.28.14 3 years ago 36 Comments

Telling your kid he or she will have a little brother or sister in about nine months can go either way. They may become happy with the role of being protector and provider plus having someone else to play with. Or they’ll lose their mind because now Christmas presents take a dip, as do food, clothes and video games.

Take little man here who completely lost it when his mom gave him the news there would soon be company. He pleaded his case, even going as far as to say “this is exasperating.” Granted, he didn’t understand course of nature and how once this process is underway it’s no turning back, but it’s clear to see it’s going to take months of coaxing, WWE pay-per-views and some pretty fresh back-to-school kicks to win him over.

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