Future Ft. Kelly Rowland – “Neva End (Remix)” Video

11.23.12 5 years ago 16 Comments

Future’s “Neva End,” in about five weeks or so, will officially supplant itself as one of my favorite songs of 2012. And while the inclusion of Kelly Rowland for the remix isn’t as awesome as the original, the decision to finally push it as a single is what needs to be celebrated here.

Future and Kelly’s duet represents a strained relationship, but one not willing to be let go by either party. A rather clean video, and one with more thought than previously expected, here’s to the record gaining all the success I’ve envisioned as a staple “end-of-the-party” song. It’s catchy enough to rap/sing in drunken harmony,* but enticing enough to convince a person to initiative those 3 a.m. texts, or even worse, phone calls (aka “Marvin’s Room’ing”).

In related news though, Future’s blowing the hell up, y’all, in case one has yet to notice. Don’t be surprised if he lands placement somehow on Kanye’s next solo, or even Beyonce’s. That’s my bold prediction for 2013.

* – If/whenever I get married, I’m going to convince my wife to let us play this at the reception. Maybe not the first song we dance to, but definitely the second. Or at least within the first five.

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