And Now We Have Future’s New Single, “Honest”

08.08.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


No pun intended, but honestly, it sucks Jadeveon Future chose not to stick with his original album title Future Hendrix. Instead, the direct kin of Dungeon Family provided his reasoning for switching to Honest.

Honest is the new me. It represents the truth I try to bring to my music. I plan to break the mold with this album so that it will be nothing like you’ve heard from me or any other artist out. You can either tell the truth or face the Future.

Well, aight then.

Since first speaking of the record in late June, curiosity as to how “Honest” would sound has grown ever since. Consider the wait officially over. Feeling vintage, Future Isley took it back to 2009 and premiered the record via UStream. The album doesn’t drop for a minute either – as in November 26. Between now and then, however, expect the occasional backlash, the song’s impact to grow and become possibly a mainstay as the fall and homecoming season quickly approaches.

It’s either that or pull the plug and resort to plan B. But this is Future Levert we’re talking about here. Have some faith for goodness sakes! Allow the timelessness of his whimsical croonings to be your light in the battlefield of finding love in the club.

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