Future’s Releasing Another New Album This Week

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.01.16 5 Comments

Is there any slowing down for Future? The man of many hats just joined DJ Khaled to inform the world that he has a new release scheduled for this Friday. Yes, just weeks after the Purple Reign mixtape, Fewtch is ready to hit fans with another one. As he put it, “It’s a Super Future type year.”

The release of the new album will be done in part with the rollout for Khaled’s newly announced Beats 1 Radio show, which is a pretty bad ass way to get an endeavor started. It also reminds everyone that besides being a human meme generator, Khaled excels at one thing: connecting with people, more specifically artists.

Of course, when rappers release a wealth of material back-to-back of one another, there’s a risk of overexposure and backlash. And while there was some friction, most Hive members seem to be fully receptive to the idea receiving their third Future Vandross project in six months.

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