Future – “Sh!t” Video

09.24.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

future shit video

For whatever reason, Future’s cruisin’ the city in a hearse in the new video for the Mike WiLL-produced record “Sh!t.”
All throughout junior high and high school, a guy who owned an audio shop in my city used to push a hearse with an ungodly amount of subs in the back. As a kid looking up, that was always the craziest shit to me and ill promo, obviously. He used to roll and you’d hear him coming way before you’d see the big, black funeral car turn the corner.

So why is Future Troutman running around in one? The reason may have been revealed at the video’s end but I gave up at the 2:30 mark, figuring I’d given it a fair chance and hoping it would make the song a little more appealing than when we shared the mp3, but nope. “Sh!t” is still shit.

Hope this didn’t cost much to make. The video, that is.

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