Future – “What’s Wrong” Video

12.10.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

“We ain’t trippin’ off one blunt my dog, I brought a bunch of smoke…”

The advent of the Internet along with laser fast and crisp technology has been both a blessing and curse for the art formerly known as the “music video.” A gift because it allows artists to drop more visuals, increasing their profile. A curse because it allows any artist under the sun to drop a video, flooding your mentions on Twitter.

Nevertheless, Future cut a few moments out his apparent vacation to film the video for “What’s Wrong” on his hotel balcony. Found on his Welcome 2 Mollywood tape, the song itself is cool record from the FreeBandz HNIC and one with the second verse showcasing a non-autotune’d Future sounding damn near like the one we’re accustomed to on the regular. Unfortunately, for some reason, the second verse was cut.

Watch Future count his money and admire how blue that ocean is in the meantime.

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