Futuristic Ft. SwizZz – “Long Days, Cold Nights” Video

03.10.13 5 years ago

The road to fame and riches is usually a very rocky one, filled with twists and turns that make for a perilous climb. However the rough journey more often than not creates material for some of the best work from artists, and it’s the source of  Futuristic’s record, “Long Days, Cold Nights.”

The young emcee out of Arizona weaves a tale of a struggling athlete to parallel his own and he executes the concept damn near to perfection. The video brings both stories to life and SwizZz isn’t half bad either. Yes, it’s not necessarily a new concept (especially in a genre like Hip-Hop) but Futuristic puts a very original spin on it and winds up creating something that’s capable of turning heads.

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