G-Scott – “Rich Broke” Video

01.24.13 5 years ago

“I be coughing up blood, fighting my own demons”

Whether you grew up struggling to eat amidst great family values or currently hold down a job you hate that pays your bills in full, every one of us has had the “Rich Broke” feelings G-Scott speaks of in his latest video.

Coming from the perspective of an eager MC who’s who’s taken the proper steps to achieve his career goals, yet continues to get weighed down by a slow-burning road of resistance, this Jonny Amo and K-Twist-produced track provides eyes into the soul of someone battling self-imposed pressure to make more of his situation at all costs. The track might not be the most optimistic, but couple G’s pent-up tensions with the severed surroundings shown in the accompanying video below and you’ll have a hard time turning this one down.

For further gut-wrenching poetics from the young Gary, IN rapper, download his 1983 project when it drops on January 30 at DJBooth.

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