G-Side – “Live From The G-Side” Video

07.25.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

Too often, rap’s peanut gallery complains about the music being overrun with gimmicks and distractions that take the focus away from actual talent and quality output. If there’s no “story,” fans tend to overlook the art, mistaking it for boring. Well, here’s a tale that originates from Huntsville. G-Side (and the whole Slow Motion Soundz and Block Beattaz collective) is making amazing sounds, but not many tend to catch wind of any of it because there aren’t cosigns attached, majors force-feeding their latest releases to media or any outsiders championing their cause. In fact, they’re arguably* the most underrated underdogs making rap music right now.

This John G. Turner visual for “Live From The G-Side” stands as a introduction to their Alabama state of mind. More b-roll and studio footage than glossy video, the piece still captures the seen, but unseen nature of what G-Side seems to be. At least for now.

*Not even arguably really. They are the best of the underrated.

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