Guilt-Free Listening: G-Unit’s ‘The Beauty Of Independence’ EP Stream

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
08.25.14 5 Comments


The 48 Laws Of Power and Art Of War, two books I haven’t read in years, probably contain beautifully written pages praising secret attacks. 50, being a student of said books, may have had that in mind with the spontaneous release of The Beauty Of Independence, G-Unit’s six-song EP that went up on iTunes in early hours of Monday morning.

While the reunited Unit is what fans have wanted to hear, it’s 50’s verse on “Changes” that stands out the most as he speaks on what caused the riff between him, Jimmy and Dre, which ultimately led us to here in the first place. As a whole, 50 rhyming alongside the others is 50 at his best since he’s not forced to carry songs alone or left experimenting with production that doesn’t click with his style. So for as much as he seems like a lone warrior, it turns out Curtis may be a better team player than even he imagines.

Try it, like it then buy it on iTunes.

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