The iPod Shuffle – Game’s “Ricky”

04.02.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Game catches an ample amount of flack for the stunts and SMH-worthy moments he’ll involve himself in away from the booth. Yet, the truth of the matter is, he very rarely – if ever – fails to deliver when creating albums. Case in point the massively graphic and poignant “Ricky” from 2011’s The R.E.D. Album.

Or as I like to refer to it as, an unreleased cut from Boyz N’ The Hood’s original soundtrack in 1991. For the record, I’m no movie expert, but Ricky dying is the most depressing movie death ever. More than Mufasa in The Lion King. More than Kane from Menace. More than Littlefoot’s mother in The Land Before Time. More than Big Mama in Soul Food. More than Piccolo in Brian’s Song. More than all of ’em. Thankfully, USC was still afforded Reggie Bush, who I have always seen as the “Ricky who made it.”

Game – “Ricky”

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