Listen To Earl Sweatshirt, Future Islands’ Sam Herring, And Gangrene’s ‘Play It Cool’ From ‘GTA 5’

03.06.15 3 years ago 9 Comments


Rockstar Games and Mass Appeal Records offer this Early Man, Future Island’s Sam Herring and Gangrene joint, “Play It Cool,” from their upcoming release The Alchemist and Oh No Present: Welcome to Los Santos. As Alchemist flexes his signature move on the strumming guitar riff sample, Oh No is pummeling it with a chunky drum break. It’s a great soundtrack for roaring through fictional Los Santos on a mission to avoid racking up felonies.

Earl pulls no punches on his verse either, always stumbling out of thoughtful haze to give us his first furious vision.

I been feeling old
I got demons on my soul when I’m writing
The beat play the role of a seat
On a Vic’ how I ride it
My vices propose to me nice when
I’m trapped in this pain
My wife wanna light drizzle
Tap on the pane
I’m inside wit ’em.
When the sky clear up,
I’m inside trippin.’
You can see I ain’t been sleep in my eyes n*gga.

Music from the album will debut first inside Grand Theft Auto V for PC with a new The Alchemist and Oh No-hosted radio station dubbed ‘The Lab.’ The actual album will release separately on April 21.

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