Garage Sales Are The Worst!

01.27.09 9 years ago 12 Comments

I hate garage sales. You gather up alot of crap and put it up for sale early on a Saturday morning. Then people come and peruse your crap, haggle with you over Perudo because the think 50¢ is too much. Twelve hours later (Perudo still in your possession), you pile what’s left back in the garage, and count your money from what you got rid of and wouldn’t you know it. You lost money (& a day) after you account for everything you bought to have the sale. You would’ve been better off throwing the stuff away and sleeping in.

Long (pointless?) intro, yeah but fuck it. I bet Suge Knight would’ve rather had a garage sale than an auction.

Fallen rap mogul Marion “Suge” Knight is facing a $6.8 million (£4.9 million) handling charge from the lawyers behind the recent sale of his former label Death Row Records. The assets of Snoop Dogg and Tupac Shakur’s former home went under the hammer earlier this month (15Jan09) and was sold to Canadian company Wide Awake Holdings for just $18 million (£13 million).

Death Row co-founder Knight lost the rights to the label’s assets after declaring bankruptcy in 2006 – but lawyers from Kaye Scholer, who organised the auction, claim his “gangster-style” business operations left them scrambling around to get hold of all the assets.

By “gangster-style” they mean doing things like:

  • Trying to hide a Malibu home by putting it in a friends name
  • Hiding unreleased songs by famous Death Row artists in a storage locker in Michigan
  • Records of hidden banks accounts hid away in Southern California warehouse

That kind of sounds like white-collar crime tactics to me, but they’re the professionals right?  Anyway, Suge would have to come up with the money all by his lonely, because he won’t see a cent from the auction due to filing for bankrupcy back in 2006.

I wonder how much lower Suge will slide, because I didn’t think he could go much lower than this*

* this never gets old

Knight Handed Multi-Million Dollar Legal Bill For Death Row Sale [PR]


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