R.I.P. Gary Coleman

05.28.10 8 years ago 25 Comments

Well, I’ll be damned, I can’t say I saw this one coming. Straight out of left field, former child acting prodigy (but in more recent times troubled grown man) Gary Coleman has died at the age of 42 due to a brain hemorrhage. Whatchu talkin’ bout, MSNBC?

Coleman suffered the hemorrhage Wednesday at his Santaquin home, 55 miles south of Salt Lake City. He was admitted to the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center and was conscious and lucid until midday Thursday, when his condition worsened and he slipped into unconsciousness. Coleman was then placed on life support.

Coleman has had continuing ill health from a kidney disease he suffered as a child. He had at least two kidney transplants and has ongoing dialysis.

Apparently, Coleman suffered a head injury during a fall and never regained consciousness. In more recent times, his medical history and personal life has placed him in the news more than his acting career. Last year, he underwent heart surgery while suffering from pneumonia and this February suffered a seizure while on a set of “The Insider.” His appearance on Divorce Court also created another black eye on a career which was seemingly getting worse by the year.

In an emotional sense, Michael Jackson’s passing it is not. However, let’s hope this isn’t the start of a repeat from last summer when entertainers (former in Gary’s case) were kicking the bucket faster than a Thank Me Later leak.

Regardless, Young Arnold suffered the same fate as so many of his Hollywood counterparts – the absence of fame and the never-ending quest to make replace it. Plus, achieving fame that early in life rarely results in a happy ending. R.I.P. Gary Coleman. I don’t feel comfortable making any short jokes at the moment.

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