Gee Watts – “Premature Hate” Video

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Gee Watts - Premature Hate

“Step ya game up, or get played tryin’ to play it
Thinkin’ on my old days, this the shit that birthed my hatred
‘Cause growin’ up we heard, fuck these b*tches
M.O.B. don’t trust these b*tches”

Gee Watts just continues to be that dude. Not that the lyrics for the “Premature Hate” video are any different than the first time we heard them on Watts Up, but a little reminder never hurt anybody. Sharing genuine insight, remaining relatable, all while creating a song that, you know, is a pleasure to listen to? Just the same standard of quality that we’ve come to expect from Gee.

“Hate,” in particular, strikes such a deep chord because it tackles the bullsh*t macho culture that many young men – race be damned – seem to subscribe to. Make no mistake: standing your ground and fighting for what you believe in are important. But, as Watts points out in ways much more elegant and persuasive than I ever could, too often does that line get blurred, and standing up for yourself becomes looking for trouble. We all have that friend who just can’t be trusted in certain settings; who never gets the call wen everyone heads to the bars.

But then, like so many problems we see with people, judging someone is a lot easier than taking the time to figure out why they act this way. I grew up almost exclusively with my dad, and the examples that he led by were dripping with patience and tolerance. And I’m lucky in that regard. If I didn’t have those reminders constantly buzzing in my ear, I would definitely be much more of a jackass than I already am, hard as that may be to believe.

So, listen to Watts. Get insight. Think about what he’s actually saying. And be sure to download Watts Up (get it here) if you haven’t yet.

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