“Pants On The Ground”

01.13.10 8 years ago 16 Comments

Looking like a fool…

Ladies & Gents, introducing GENERAL Larry Platt. At 62 years young, this grandfather to the style of Soulja Boy still has a trick or two in his flask to show the young whippersnappers how the Sugar Hill Gang used to hippity hop.

His angle?

“Pants on the Ground.”

Pull ’em up. Sagging is for rascals. Take that gold from your mouth and put that blunt out. Since Hip-Hop thrives from the environment around it, Sir Platt raps what he knows. He’s from Atlanta. Mary and Randy seem to approve.

Since William Hung, the only 2nd place in American Idol is to embarass yourself and score sponsorships in the process. Ol’ Larry may have struck gold. There will be a Youtube channel. Personalized iPods and lunchboxes. Remixes with Flo Rida and of course, the coveted prize of headlining the American Idol Tour.

This 5 Star General needs a 5 Star Chick stat. Then we’ll see if he can practice what he preaches.

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