George Zimmerman Challenged Kanye West To A Fight Because F*** George Zimmerman

02.03.14 4 years ago 78 Comments

In case you haven’t heard, George Zimmerman has entered the realm of celebrity boxing. He’s looking for a celebrity to fight, and has finally named his target: Kanye West.

If you recall, Kanye West paid a handsome sum recently for allegedly chasing down and beating up a guy who yelled racist epithets at Kim Kardashian, and Zimmerman is disgusted by Kanye West’s knack for attacking the “defenseless.”

*Deep sigh*

Here are my thoughts.

1. It makes George Zimmerman sick to his stomach to see Kanye West attacking someone who’s “defenseless.” Are we f****** serious, here? Kanye punched a guy, then paid him six figures. Zimmerman shot a kid in cold blood and paid no consequence. This is disgusting.

2. Remember Zimmerman’s defense? How he was attacked and “clobbered” by a skinny teenager? Now, in just the span of a year or so, he’s ready to fight grown ass men? This doesn’t add up.

3. According to George Zimmerman and the entire trial, wouldn’t it be a fair fight if Zimmerman gave Kanye or whoever a gun? I mean, that’s what constitutes fair according to Zimmerman.

4. Kanye West is a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum musician. He’s a celebrity. George Zimmerman killed a teenager. That doesn’t make one a celebrity. So the idea of this being “Celebrity” boxing is flawed.

5. Damon Feldman is the name of the guy who’s behind Zimmerman’s boxing matches. He’s the guy who decided it would be a good idea to have George Zimmerman enter celebrity boxing. Basically, f*ck that guy. Put him in a damn ring and let him get his ass kicked, too.

6. I’m not watching this match, no matter who Zimmerman fights. I don’t want to give this sh*tshow my dollars that’ll end up in Zimmerman and Feldman’s pockets. No matter if he catches a beat down. He’s probably going to hell or something anyway, so I can hold out and wait for that to happen.

7. This should go without saying, but R.I.P. to Trayvon Martin. It’s a shame that his life is getting lost in the shuffle while all the attention is paid to Zimmerman going forward.

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