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Runa Lucienne

Runa Lucienne

Now That He’s Free, Can Zimmerman Make A Living? [CNN]

J.K. Rowling & Other Famous Authors with Secret Pseudonyms [Newsfeed]

Beastie Boys’ Mike D: ‘I’m Excited About Making New Stuff Again’ [Rolling Stone]

Sh!t #Menswear Bloggers Wear [Four-Pins]

Tall Tees [Gwarizm]

Jay-Z Reveals Why He Fell Out With Timbaland [NME]

Wait, So Medical Marijuana Can Help Children Too? [High Roulette]

Verizon Wants to Let You Upgrade Your Phone More Often Too [Gizmodo]

Wife Discovers Husband Has Second Wife On Facebook [The Urban Daily]

3 Top Sprinters Test Positive For Performance Enhancement Drugs [HHW]

Tom Ford’s Take On Jay-Z’s “Tom Ford” [Giant]

Study Claims Marijuana Users Don’t Care If They Lose Money [Toke Signals]

Watch Both ‘Die Hard’ Scenes Involving Twinkies [Vulture]

ICP Infomercial: Gathering of the Juggalos Will Have Charlie Murphy, Vanilla Ice [FD]

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