Sunday Sports Recap: Peyton Makes His Rounds, Gerald Green’s Back In The NBA

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Lowkey, a sh*tload of stories went down this weekend. And instead of doing several different posts, compiling them all into one just made much more sense. Work smarter, not harder. So with that said, let’s get right into the discussion.

The Race For Peyton Is Officially Underway (And Randy Moss, Too)

You know, unless another instance went down I’m currently having a brain fart over, the “Chase For Peyton” is the biggest NFL free agency story I can ever remember. The brain brain trust of Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen say Denver and Arizona are the two most likely spots for Eli’s older brother (that felt weird), while Miami and/or Seattle isn’t exactly out of the question. Seeing #18 battle the religious cult that is Tebowmania would be amazing, but if in fact Mort and Scheft are right, Arizona looks like money. While on The Unsportsmanlike Conduct show with Ed and Bryan Crawford last week, I made mention I feel Peyton will land in a warm weather city. Arizona in November/December/January isn’t exactly Denver and, check this, 11 of their 16 games next year are in domes. And pending they cut Kevin Kolb, ‘Zona could possibly bring in Reggie Wayne. Manning with Reggie Wayne and arguably the best receiver on the planet in Larry Fitzgerald? With Beanie Wells toting the rock? In a wide open NFC West? I’m all for that.

Also, in free agency news, Randy Moss’ tour of job interviews continues with a workout for the San Francisco 49ers. Randy needs to go to a team in contention for a title, with a headstrong coach and a quarterback who can toss him the deep ball at a moment’s notice. If one of the three don’t fall into place, we’re looking at Tennessee part deux all over again. The Niners are in contention. Their coach is one crazy son of a b*tch (in a good way), once again leaving Alex Smith’s ability to play QB at more than a slightly above average game manager in question. Plus, as a receiver, going to San Fran must be like going to the Chicago Bulls in basketball. Do you really want that type of spotlight?

Ricky Rubio Tears ACL Guarding Kobe Bryant

Here’s three reasons why Ricky Rubio’s season ending injury sucks.

1. He and Kevin Love were blossoming into one of the most exciting duos in basketball. Not yet exactly LeBron/Wade or Durant/Westbrook, but they single handedly revived a franchise that had been all but dead since they finally let Kevin Garnett move to greener pastures (literally) in 2007.

2. This all but kills Minnesota’s playoff chances. And admit it, you’d watch these young T-Wolves as an #8 seed taking on Oklahoma City. It’d be the most exciting sweep ever.

3. This totally takes away from the gold medal game in August between the United States and Spain.

Gerald Green Is Alive And Well Thank You Very Much

True story. During All Star Saturday, I somehow got trapped into watching the D-League All Star Game. Before I could even get the first disrespectful remark out of my mouth, Gerald Green – of “cupcake dunk” fame – had two of the illest in-game dunks I’ve seen in at least five years. A few weeks later, Green has the unquestioned dunk of the year thus far with a windmill alley-oop from Marshon Brooks. The rest of his game may be more trick than treat, but dunks sell tickets and at this point, the Nets need any type of momentum they can get heading into Brooklyn; especially if this guy’s chin can be rim level every time.

This changes every week, but tell Green, Blake Griffin, DeMar Derozen, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James to do everyone a favor and enter the dunk contest next year in Houston. The winner gets a cool million and a night with Maliah Michael.

Bonus: Credit to David D. for pointing this out. Check out the Rockets players who damn near jumped out their seats at the dunk (one of them did). Have some couth about yourself. It was a two point game in the third quarter.

“That shit’s disgusting…” – Cam’ron

The Redskins Are All In For Robert Griffin III

If I know the DMV area like I think I know the DMV area, the impending arrival for Robert Griffin III signifies every nightclub in the city is in hot pursuit to throw the first official “Welcome To D.C.” party for buddy. And the groupies in Chocolate City will be on their A-game mainly because chasing Andray Blatche around ran its course three seasons ago. And, this cannot go unsaid, if RG3 can somehow give Skins fans hope in the way Cam Newton did for Carolina, he’d be the most popular man in D.C. surpassing President Obama.

It’s not the Hershel Walker-to-the-Vikings trade which eventually turned the Cowboys into a 1990’s juggernaut, but Washington parting ways with three future first round picks (2012, 2013 and 2014) and a second rounder this year for the Rams #2 overall spot is a hell of a lot to gamble. Now Griff’s looking at a squad where his #1 wide receiver is 32 years old and 5’10, the offensive line is shaky and touts a weed smoking tight end who was just franchised. Kudos to the Skins being the NFL equivalent to Birdman though. Both throw crazy money around, except Stunna actually sees return on some of his investments. Luck and RG3, in the words of Jay-Z, now find themselves “fresh out the frying pan into the fryer.”

LeBron, Dwyane Wade And The Final Shot

I made a pledge to myself after the All Star Game. For the rest of the regular season, I’ll get neither too excited or too depressed about anything that revolves around LeBron. It’s too much for one man to deal with. This is the reason I pretty much kept quiet on “Shotgate” and whether or not Bron should have taken the last shot in Utah. At this point in his career, it’s damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. If he chooses not to take the shot, he’s a chump. If he takes the shot, he’s still a chump who can’t make big baskets. And in the case of last night’s game against the Pacers, LeBron, who basically bailed out Miami in the fourth with 11 points including a game tying three with 10 seconds left and another in OT only to see Dwyane Wade put the nail in the coffin with the game winning basket, the dynamic of these two and the team is outright hilarious.

I saw some people make this comparison last night and it makes so much sense. LeBron truly is the real life Charlie Brown. The crazy part about all this? I’m pretty sure he and Wade read all the over-analyzation and laugh. Well, sometimes.

It’s March Madness, Folks

Depending who’s asked, it’s been a down year for college basketball, but none of that matters since by this time tomorrow we’ll begin arguably the most unproductive work period of the year. Brackets will be filled out, while spreadsheets are ignored. We’ll debate “cinderalla” squads and #1 seeds, while paying absolutely no attention in the Monday morning staff meeting. And by the second round, half of our brackets will be in flames. You know it. I know it. It happens every year. Before that, however, there’s still a quartet of conference championships that need to be decided before the final seedings in the big dance are ironed out.

1:00 – UNC vs. Florida State, ACC Championship (ESPN)

1:00 – Vanderbilt vs. Kentucky, SEC Championship (ABC)

1:00 – St. Bonaventure vs. Xavier, A-10 Championship (CBS)

3:30 – Ohio State vs. Michigan State, Big Ten Championship (CBS)

Happy March Madness, folks.

Reminder: Magic Johnson’s “The Announcement” airs tonight at 9 a.m. Don’t say I didn’t remind you.

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