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Many times, I wish I could share more stories but I have the sketchiest memory, retaining so little information & only fragments of incidents.

However, there are some glimpses & mental snapshots of various times & places that have managed to remain lodged in my memory.

One in particular coincides with our featured artist this week.

It was around ’97 or ’98. Yeah, my memory is so hazy that I can’t even pin down which year it was. But I’m pretty sure it had to be around that time because I can remember my crew (as in who was in attendance & who was locked up), our substances of choice & the gear we were rocking. Around this time, everybody was wearing those yellow gold Cuban links and, if you were doing something, you had a nice chunky lil pendant, usually a Jesus piece, to go with. Extra flare? Throw in some diamonds (or at least some diamond chips) into Hey Zeus’ crown of thorns & you were good. Really good.

Why is this important?

It is because I can vaguely remember going to see the Wu perform as a part some tour. Afterwards, myself & maybe eight to ten of my dudes rolled up to a local club where they were supposed to hangin’ out as the official afterparty. We were good to go because one of my childhood friends, who I’d worked with previously on shows, had a hand in promoting this party. “you know how I be/all high in V.I.P…“. It was a four-level club with the top level being the designated “who’s who” area.

On a normal day now, the only substances I abuse might be nicotine & caffeine. But @ that time, I was one who partook in pretty much the whole buffet of intoxicants. Just like most normal folks, we started gettin sloppy early early that day & I want to say it was a Henny day mixed with a lot burning trees. So by the time we made it to the club, of course everybody’s vision was fully impaired, balance out of wack & spirits fully lifted.

I remember Ichy and myself chillin, talkin/ramblin/yellin with U-God over the blare of the club’s speakers (Ich sold him a blunt of some Cali weed lol). Me & Big City ended up sitting @ a table with Rza for about twenty minutes while he theoritized about God knows what, because my only concern was that both he & City would shut the fuck up and pass the weed. Couldn’t nobody hear anyways, nor was I concerned with “today’s Mathematics” while the kush was in the air & the atmosphere was poppin.

Feeling cooler than ever, I remember stumbling around the club, bubbly & fresh as usual, my Jesus piece & Cuban in effect and pristine white/yellow AF1’s. Havin a great time, feeling secure in V.I.P., I was wide the fuck open and in full roar, knowing that we basically had our run of the place.

And that’s when I blinked, turned around & I’d bumped into some dude.

A rock solid brother of sorts because I remember being knocked back a step and he did the same. Perhaps we were both past the legal limits of intoxication, even by social standards. Not “drunk and looking to fight” but maybe, “drunk & somebody needs to sit this fool down for a minute” drunk.

After blinking for approximately three seconds, I opened my eyes…and saw Jesus.

And he was gold.

And he was huge.

And he was sitting on this dude’s chest.

I think the size of my Jesus, who we’ll now refer to as baby Jesus for the rest of this post, was roughly 1.5″.

This dude’s joint was…maybe the size of the actual infant Jesus’ head. Yeah, it was an image of a full-grown Jesus, but the diameter of it was about the same as that of a ripened cantaloupe.

Time froze for a second before I looked up. While raising my head, I noticed the white towel hangin from the brother’s neck & gruffy hair on his chin & cheeks.

It was Ghost.

He was standin there with his jaw clenched, that typical look where his teeth are exposed and he looks like a dog ready to sneer & growl @ you.

Oh shit, Ghost!

* proceeds to do the dap & hug move*

I’ll smack fire out ya ass kid!

Nah, just kidding lol.

He prolly mumbled some shit back, but I can’t remember.

I do, however, remember walkin away…and tucking in my chain.

Ghost Loosies





Mark Ronson ft. Nate Dogg, Freeway, Ghostface Killah & Trife – Ohh Wee






Ghost Loosies

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