Whom Does Ghostface Being On ‘Couples Therapy’ Benefit Again?

12.11.13 4 years ago 38 Comments

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We ask, because after seeing the Wu-Tang legend get a drink splashed in his face during a teaser for an upcoming season of the VH1 show, we’re not sure being a part of the reality TV spectacle was his best move.

It’s understandable Tony Starks and his wife might legitimately need help making things work. Relationships get to the best of us and counseling works for many. But, couldn’t they have squared away their issues behind the scenes? Gs move in silence, right?

Beyond the obvious, watching Ghostface Kilah deal with female troubles like every other guy in the world is way less cool than hearing him rap about illustrious specifics. Seeing someone who wears a golden taxidermy eagle bracelet and has made us believe he’s sold more bags than Glad on everyman’s terms doesn’t assist his mythical personification, or his well-respected image in the game. That being said, hopefully the appearance actually helps their marriage work. At this point in his life, maybe that’s more important.

Either way, as fans, we’d prefer Ghost got his checks from putting pen to paper. But, hey…we understand. Any PR is good PR in 2014, for better or worse.

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