A Teenage Girl Accidentally Sent Her Nudes To Her Dad, Then Tweeted The Horrifying Results

07.10.14 3 years ago 41 Comments
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Nyjah Cousar must’ve had her bae’s name saved on her phone under daddy, too, because she accidentally sent her nudes to her actual father instead.

As soon as the teenager realized her mistake, she quickly hopped on Twitter for help on how to “cancel” a text message, but it was already too late. Her old man received the sext and saw parts of his daughter he probably hasn’t seen since he changed her diapers.

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sext to father

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Her father comes home.

I’m a little skeptical about the entire thing. I mean, who the heck lets the world know they’ve just sent their nudes to their dad? But then again, we live in an attention-whoring, social media world. Just the other day a woman (allegedly) killed her son and then posted his corpse on Facebook. So yeah, this seems just as fake as it seems real.

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