GLC – “What This Ism Do” Video

12.18.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

The Ism is a person, place or thing a.k.a. a noun. The Ism told Jean Baptiste Point du Sable to make a right when he was to eventually discover Chicago. The Ism was walking with Tiger when he finally decided to start winning again. The Ism can be gasless and even odorless, but never without power.

GLC utilizes all of resources The Ism has to offer. That’s why his disposition is always bright and his mind is swelled with pimpin’ ideology. The Ism is what makes the globe spin on its axis. Is it in you?

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BTW, the director/editor/producer–whoeverthefuck should be sent to bed without supper for syncing the video like this. That ain’t The Ism.

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