Gliss – “Same Sh*t” Video

04.01.13 5 years ago

At some point in their lives, most folks want more than average. Yet, the majority of human beings end up settling for a routine lifestyle and experience the “Same Sh*t,” every single day. In an attempt to move beyond that numb norm, Gliss uses the latest video from his upcoming #HIGHONAWEEKDAY project to put a swirling spin on his chronic calender, using a hypnotizing hook and above-average fast-flow to detail how he copes with the redundancy.

Considering both hip-hop and this damn site are surely part of just about everyone’s routine who is reading right now, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate. After all, depending on your daily due, repetition isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Gliss x Same Sh*t from Sil 'Spike Jordan' Beyah on Vimeo.

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