Go Behind-The-Scenes With The Team Behind “Black Dynamite”

09.21.12 5 years ago 6 Comments

Two of my new favorite shows on TV this year are Guy Code and Black Dynamite. The latter of which grants us a behind the scenes look featuring Michael Jai White, Carl Jones and Byron Minns. The trio express while the 2009 film (funny as hell, by the way) cements itself as a solid tribute to the Blaxploitation era, the animated adventure produces a more extensive look into each of the characters’ lives.

The video is a cool look into the inspiration of the show and compels you to appreciate its creative process once the logistics come to light. In an ideal world, B.D. and The Boondocks catch the recognition they deserve by pushing the lines of ignorance and comedy: at the same damn time.

A brother can dream, right?


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