“Go Straight To Hell Boy…”

10.27.08 9 years ago 14 Comments

Mike has his Sunday Morning Massacre’s. Consider this Monday Morning Fuck You music. Poke your head out your cubicle & mean mug that SOB you don’t like. It’s cool, simply because it’s Monday. Sneer at’em. The nerve of that POS to ask you how your weekend was, knowing that you were hoping he/she was mauled by a rabid pack of hyenas. Calmly tell that fuckwad “Go straight to hell boy.”

Go to HHIR for an explanation as to how this shit even made my playlist, moreso last week than this particular morning…but still worth sharing. Diplo is a lowkey demigod of sound.

*End rant. Insert music.*

The Clash – Straight To Hell (Unedited)

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