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Nas on Hot 97 with Funk Flex mp3 – Listen here or here

What I learned…

1. There’s only one “Jones” in NYC and according to Nas it ain’t Jimmy.

2. 50 is not high enough on the ladder to be ethered.

3. Hip-hop is indeed currently dead but Nasir has something up his sleeve or knows something the rest of us don’t know.

On AskMen.com’s Top 49 several brothers made it including…

44. Jamie Foxx

34. Pharrell

33. Bob Johnson

22. Lebron James

20. Russell Simmons

18. Lenny Kravitz

17. Kanye West

14. Denzel Washingon

13. Tiger Woods

2. Jay-z

Yep, Jay got the number two slot. But apparently, 70% of people think he shouldn’t have the spot.

If you take a closer look, you’ll realize something Jay said long ago…

All these Blacks got is sports and entertainment…”

As much as everybody loves/hates The Game, most can all agree that his steadfast namedropping is…it gets on my damn nerves.

Apparently I’m not alone and somebody took the time to tally up the count.

The Game is clearly obsessed with the rappers who came before him, and it’s an obsession that demands a tally. In the course of 16 songs, he makes reference to no less than 44 different hip-hop stars, including two named Ice (Cube and -T), three named Lil (Jon, Kim and Wayne) and two named Young (Jeezy and M.C.). And no one comes up more often than Dr. Dre, whose name finds its way into nearly every song. By album’s end he has been invoked about 30 times; the absent mentor is everywhere.

Read the rest of the NY Times article by clicking the link.

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