Get All The Ladies With GOLD JAY Z

Life Writer
11.01.13 24 Comments

That old Axe body spray not doing it for ya, champ? Are the ladies sniffing out your douchbagness from miles away? Well, start reeling them in with GOLD JAY Z. The Jigga Man is releasing his first personal cologne ever in the history of his entire JAY Z brand. GOLD JAY Z will launch as part of his controversial partnership with Barneys. In a press release, panty-dropping words like “Power,” “Pride,” “Confidence,” “Strength,” “Success,” and “Courage,” were used to describe the eau de toilette. Which can only mean one thing: bow chicka wow wow!

As for the actual smell:

Top: “The brightness of Sicilian Bergamot and ginger warmed with Cardamom.”
Mid: “Masculine vetiver and teak wood mingle with the spice of pink pepper.”
Base: “Rich amber and sensual myrrh are smoothed with bourbon vanilla.”


Pick it up when it goes on sale November 29th. Unfortunately, GOLD JAY Z will not come with the stick you’re going to need to beat all the ladies off of you with.

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