Golden Chamber Mixtape Hosted By Wu-Tang Clan

03.30.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Continuing with the ongoing Wu-spirited posts around these parts, found in the inbox from DJ Fricktion

The tape, compiled by Fricktion and Lovesoul, both from the UK, provides a snapshot of the groundbreaking songs that formed the rise of the Wu, along with classics cuts from that era, rare footage, and original interviews by Lovesoul.TV.

The tape is hosted by all members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and contains interview snippets with RZA and Method Man, that can be seen in full on Lovesoul.TV. The Lovesoul DJ’s state, ‘The RZA and Method Man interviews were really insightful and we cannot wait to share them. It was great working with them and the other Clan members to create something very unique and nostalgic. It’s rich with feelings of great times in Hip-Hop.’

Throw your W’s up! Back cover, tracklisting & link after the jump.

DJ Fricktion & Lovesoul Present Golden Chamber Mixtape (Hosted By Wu-Tang Clan)

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