GoldLink – The God Complex

04.01.14 4 years ago

goldlink the god complex

GoldLink is somewhat of an odd character. Although we’ve dug the few eclectic songs we’ve heard from this DMV area rapper, the only other thing we know about him is that he doesn’t want his photographs circulated. Despite the latter being completely unsustainable in today’s performance-based industry, the former left us relatively excited to check out his debut project The God Complex.

Considering how the overall sound of this well-rounded, nine-track project stacks up against most of the material coming out of hip-hop’s various niches, progressive might be the best way to describe Link’s debut.

The beats would never be considered trap, but each are accentuated with lots of intricate details. The raps are complex – detailed in form and content when needed, but allow the flexibility to show off in flow alone if the beat so calls. The uptempo songs don’t feel forced or made for pop radio, but would kill amidst an underground house venue. The project comes across totally viable in today’s market, but sounds nothing like anything in it.

Overall, this God Complex project provided much more insight into the artist GoldLink is trying to be, which is one who is far from the norm. That being said, the dubious approach provides more hits than misses and this tape deserves rotation space for anyone with an open mind and high quality taste.

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