Gone In 60 Seconds…

01.11.09 9 years ago 36 Comments


I know we don’t normally post new Ne-Yo, but this one is worth mentioning.

Not because the melodramatic synths could have me falling for any ol’ girl walking down the street. Not because the boomer bass drum compliments it perfectly. Not even because Ne-Yo’s pitch-perfect voice makes me comfortable listening to love songs by myself on a Sunday afternoon.

Nope, none of those reasons.

The sole reason this track is getting upped is because the featured rapper goes by would could potentially be the worst rap name I’ve ever heard.

Niggalas Cage.


Even though he strictly sings the hook, I’m not surprised in the least it’s listed as a Ne-Yo song. The radio can’t even mention homeboy’s moniker without a edit. If he really wants to be taken seriously, which I’m sure he does if he shelled out enough dough for The Gentleman, he might want to reconsider his moniker.

Ne-Yo & Niggalas Cage – Be On You


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