Good News For Millionaire Rappers And Thirsty A** Dudes

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08.13.14 44 Comments

It may be time to pollute Ciara and Blac Chyna’s Instagrams with your thirsty a** comments again because both women are reportedly back on the market.

According to people that know more than me, Ciara has ended her engagement to Future after the producer asked for her hand in marriage last October. Apparently, a man who has 50-11 kids by 50-11 baby mamas and missed his fiancee pushing out his big headed baby and then immediately going on tour while she stayed home raising junior all by herself isn’t husband material after all.

Stripper prototype Blac Chyna is also reportedly single. Word is rapper Tyga has called it quits for reasons unknown. Thankfully for Chyna, her child support checks will make sure she never has to slide down another brass pole again. So jealous.

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