Good News, Seattle Bus Riders: You Can Now Recover Lost Marijuana

05.12.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Seattle bus riders and marijuana enthusiasts will scream “nice!” at the following bit of news.

After Washington State legalized small amounts of recreational marijuana last year, city bus drivers will now treat legal amounts of the drug left on their buses as they would forgotten cell phones and iPods: as personal items that should be returned to a lost-and-found center for recovery by owners.

New York Times Latin America and Caribbean correspondent Damien Cave (courtesy of Bob Dylan) probably said it best via Twitter: “The times, they are a changin’.”

Jeff Switzer, a spokesman for the King County Department of Transportation, summarized the rationale behind the new protocol by saying, “the voters voted and this is the world we’re living in now.”

So if a Seattle bus driver finds an errant baggie–with a legal amount of marijuana, which is up to an ounce–the driver is instructed to take it to a lost-and-found center. If a driver feels uncomfortable holding it, a supervisor will pick it up. If a driver is unsure of the container’s amount, supervisors will weigh the contents to determine its legality. Amounts larger than an ounce will be turned over to police.

In order to claim lost marijuana, owners will have to specify when it was lost, on which route and what the marijuana and its container looks like.

Not so nice: asking marijuana users to remember all that information in order to retrieve their weed.

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