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04.01.13 5 years ago 18 Comments

Kelley Scarlett

Google Celebrates Easter With…Cesar Chavez Birthday Tribute [Twitchy]

Andre Iguodala Says He’ll Test Free Agency This Summer [USA Today]

Are We Falling Victim To Advertising In Music? CDZA Says Yes [Urban Daily]

A Fashion Blog Dedicated To The Most Dapper Old Man On The Planet [Gawker]

Is This The End Of Landlines? [Des Moines Register]

The Many Sounds Of 1993 Bay Area Rap [NPR]

Magician Steals Kisses and Blows Minds With Card Trick [Giant]

The Best Sneakers of the Sweet Sixteen [Sneaker Report]

Are Music Critics Pointless? [THR]

Original Aunt Viv Wants To End Feud With Will Smith [HuffPost]

10 Movies You Didn’t Know You Were Excited About [AskMen]

Dwyane Wade Says Hometown of Chicago Didn’t Embrace Him [Slam]

Timbaland Accused Of Defrauding Insurance Company [AHH]

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