Google Negotiating NFL Deal To Bring Football To YouTube

08.21.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

Take a gander at God, everyone. Just look at him doing work. First, he gave us Cinnabon at Burger King and now this. There’s a small possibility we could be getting NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube every Sunday instead of having to pay high-end crack prices for it on Direct TV.

For a cord cutter like myself, this is a godsend. The only obstacle to not having a cable contract is missing out on games, and this may finally solve the problem. The Direct TV contract with the NFL – worth upwards of $1 billion – is expiring in 2014 and Google is ready to pounce.

It’s unclear if this will require a paid subscription or if Google will expect to make its money back with ads. That’ll be the big determining factor as to how convenient this potential move will actually be.

Now, if only the NFL would drop its Madden contract along with the Direct TV contract then life would truly be good.

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