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Sinnamon Love

Google Now Larger Than Entire US Newspaper Industry [Forbes]

More Than 20,000 California Teachers Pink-Slipped [SF Gate]

10 Artists Who Should Have Never Blown Up [The Urban Daily]

Skateboarding And Dodgeball At The Nike Fuel Lot [With Leather]

10 Billionaire Biographies You Must Read [Under 30 CEO]

Invisible Children Co-Founder, #Kony2012 Leader Jason Russell Arrested For Fapping In Public [Uproxx]

5 Of The Most Profitable Tweets Ever [Smart Money]

TV GIFs of the Week (with Extra ‘Community’) [Warming Glow]

6 Ways to Make Your Own Luck [Inc.]

Mika Takasaki, Japanese Chick With Nice, Thick Gams [The Spizzy]

Which Batmobile Would Win In A Race? [The FW]

Dwayne Flourney Kills Grandmother And Father, Then Throws a Party [News One]

Brett Ratner May Direct MTV Movie [Vulture]

RapidShare Ordered To Monitor Content For Copyrighted Material [Digital Spy]

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