“At A Loss For Words…” – Gorilla Zoe’s “Echo”

03.07.09 9 years ago 24 Comments

Gorilla Zoe and Anthony Hamilton.

After Gorilla Zoe stepped out of the box with his delusional street single “Lost,” I just assumed he would resort to his old hood figga’ ways for the rest of his upcoming album, Don’t Feed Da Animals.

Boy, was I completely wrong.

On “Echo,” which absolutely has to be the official radio joint, the former member of Boyz In Da Hood reaches into his heart and channels his inner Usher. With two teaspoons too many of everyone’s favorite plug-in, Auto-Tune, the rappa turnt sanga completely abandons his style and belts out an second-rate love song about a former lover. The result is an absolute atrocity.

Sad thing is, it will almost surely blow him the fuck up.


Gorilla Zoe – Echo

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