Gorilla Zoe – “What’s Going On” x “I Do It” Videos

07.26.11 6 years ago

Equipped with a larger-than-life ego but humble outlook on life, Gorilla Zoe is still stomping through the concrete jungle of Atlanta as King Kong, his alter-ego and third studio LP. Corey Hart can rest easy knowing that Zoe doesn’t have his shades on for his night vigils as seen in the “What’s Going On” and “I Do It” videos, but he still remembered to grab his cool–and work pail.

There’s no way of knowing for sure, but visuals look like they were shot within the same moonlight; a clear testament to his animal instinct when it comes to his hustle. The songs boost every aspect you come to expect from the zoo: explicit and frank. Catchy and rambunctious. Scoop King Kong off of Amazon for the full national geographic.

Gorilla Zoe – “What’s Going On” Video

Gorilla Zoe – “I Do It” Video

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