Fashionably Late Is Better Than Never

09.03.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

You ever forget to do something for so long that when you actually remember to do it damn near an entire season has passed? Yeah, that just happened. Gotham Green and Quickie Mart dropped “Tell Me Something” earlier this summer and found itself on repeat ever since. Make no mistake, Double G does his thing on the track, but it’s the overall feel of the song which creates the replay value. It’s Hip-Hop blended with a sprinkle of rock and a tablespoon of jazz.

Jes Hudak absolutely bodies the hook. So much so that I’m on a mission to find more music from this songbird. Once I do, best believe you’ll be reading about it here. It’s not Fergie mixed Jesus, but she’s the perfect choice to ride shotgun with Gotham. Of course, if they’re in the front, the song’s other feature, Freddie Gibbs, is the back seat rolling a blunt preparing to hotbox that mothaf*cka. And hot box does he ever.

The pride and joy of the Midwest lays yet another impressive guest verse. Abandoning the wheels and using the two feet God gave him, Freddie G uses that baby skin smooth flow to detail a rise to power that’s still in progress. And to you young boys who love writing your raps on smart phones these days, he’s got an app for that too.

Look no further if you’re looking for a dope song to add to your Labor Day soundtrack, even if it isn’t exactly brand new.

Download — Gotham Green & Quickie Mart Feat. Jes Hudak & Freddie Gibbs – “Tell Me Something”

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